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My name is Andre Kahr.  I’ve been a professional astrologer since 1983 with a connection to the stars as a student, teacher, speaker, consultant, and writer for the last 41 years.


In my earliest encounter with astrology back in 1980,  I noticed striking correlations between the activity in my natal chart and the feelings and events in my life – something that greatly motivated me toward a continual study of astrological patterns and cycles.

Concurrent with my earliest “astro-explorations”, I learned to practice stillness meditation and soon began to learn that while chart patterns are powerful, my relationship to the present moment  was even more important. I deeply understood it to be the master key to my empowerment, my wellbeing, and my happiness.

The ancient teachings repeatedly pointed this out, and through my own experience of meditation I found myself in complete agreement. I then needed to resolve what amounted to a kind of paradox: If star patterns reveal personal potentials and what is likely to happen in the future, where does the present moment fit in?


As I continued my practice in both domains, the answer slowly emerged. Star cycles do describe the kind of landscape we experience at any given moment, but our ability to make a skillful and continuous relationship to that present moment is what empowers us to best navigate these cycles. Ironically, Astrology which to some is solely an effort to predict the future, is actually most illuminating by pointing to the present as the one true reality–which if one learns to connect to, always guarantees the best possible future. I cannot stress enough: The planets and signs actually reveal this wisdom gem. 


As the relationship to the moments in our life deepens,  our presence of mind becomes our strength and our guiding light. If our star cycles are difficult,  we rise to the challenge and use them to grow and develop. If easier, we connect with states of natural enjoyment and we harvest the results of previous efforts.

And  how do we most directly empower ourselves to live happily and comfortably in our moments? in the eternal now? By raising the energy levels in our mind and body while learning to keep the energy strong, balanced and steady. Then, as our mastery of mind and body improves, our creativity flourishes and 0ur peace of mind blossoms.

Knowledge of future trends can be very useful but a deep relationship to the present moment is ultimately the only way to discover our true nature and satisfy our inmost desire. In that connection we find our harmony and wisdom. Our power and our happiness. Our ultimate potential and our ever unfolding prosperity.



Thank you for visiting and please  contact me if I may be of service to you.

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